Wayne Zion offers many different ministries and activities throughout the year. Members use their talents in a variety of ways to serve the church, the local communities, and beyond.

Volunteers are needed for our organ refurbishment project, which begins Monday, September 14th. Details from Dobson Organ:

Monday, Sept. 14: approx. 11 am – 6 volunteers: unload vehicle &trailer, approx.1hr.

Times past Monday are approximate.

Tuesday, Sept. 15: midafternoon at the earliest – 6-8 volunteers to assist in pipe removal – after the pipes are removed, 4-6 volunteers to clean pipes

Wednesday, Sept. 16: 2 agile people to clean chamber – (if you’ve seen the chamber, you know if this is a job for you!)

Thursday, Sept. 17 or F Sept 18: load up vehicle & trailer for return to Lake City

The following is from Dobson’s Mask Policy. We must follow these protocols.
Clean and approved Covid -19 masks must be worn over the nose and mouth at all times when working – the only exception is on work break-periods. Temperatures will be taken before the start of a work shift.
Hand sanitizer, gloves, face shield, goggles, etc. as appropriate.
Note: “Should theses safety protocols be disregarded, we will kindly ask the offending volunteer(s) to implement them or leave. If this request is ignored, Dobson staff may remove themselves from the job site.”